Three major overlapping trends are exerting an increasing influence on global affairs:

  1. The unprecedented and ever-increasing global demand for digital and physical infrastructure.
  2. The resurgence of an ideological competition between democratic and autocratic countries.
  3. Climate change and environmental degradation.

Democracies require a shared organizing framework to respond to these challenges holistically—Trusted Connectivity.


The Trusted Connectivity enables and optimizes coordination across the connectivity initiatives among democratic countries.

The framework articulates our common vocabulary, interests, democratic values, and high standards, thereby bolstering the international rules-based order and paving the way to building infrastructure for the future that is more free, secure, prosperous, and sustainable.

Trusted Connectivity emerges from political and legal systems that advance individual rights and human dignity, thereby fostering free and open societies and markets. It is not compatible with the various iterations of autocratic rule, including state capitalism and mercantilism.

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Vocabulary: Trust refers to public confidence in technology to perform as advertised, as well as in the political and legal systems that inform and govern its operation. Connectivity refers to the digital and physical infrastructure that binds the world together.

The principles of Trusted Connectivity

Democratic values
Equality, justice, fairness, non-discrimination.

Economic, fiscal, social, and environmental.

Data protection, cybersecurity.

High regulatory standards
Good governance practices, transparency, the free flow of data, respect for intellectual property rights.

High social standards
Human, social, and workers’ rights.

The aforementioned principles and standards are elaborated upon in further detailed in the following:

G20 Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment
G7 Charlevoix Commitment on Innovative Financing for Development
OECD Compendium of Good Practices for Quality Infrastructure Investment
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