At the Tallinn Digital Summit (in Estonia) on 7 September 2021, high-level representatives from the world’s many democracies and international organisations called for a unifying framework—Trusted Connectivity—to improve coordination among democracies so that our digital future is built upon democratic values and that the architecture underpinning our digital future advances human dignity, fundamental freedoms, and reaffirms the international rules-based order.

Their collective concern gave rise to the Tallinn Consensus on Trusted Connectivity which outlines the basic principles of Trusted Connectivity and the steps democracies should take next, including establishing Trusted Connectivity partnerships, improving infrastructure financing mechanisms, improving the marketing of values- and market-based investments, and establishing a brand to certify that infrastructure projects adhere to the principles of Trusted Connectivity.

The Trusted Connectivity framework and its core ideas have been integrated into the following:


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