Trusted Connectivity provides the shared framework that democracies currently lack.

It consolidates and amplifies the various connectivity initiatives across the globe.


The demand for physical and digital infrastructure is constantly increasing. With new possibilities come novel challenges – from malign investments to malicious cyber operations.


A framework for the public and private sectors across democratic countries to guide the construction of and investment into transformative infrastructure.

Connectivity Initiatives Across the World

Global Gateway

Global Gateway is the European Union’s infrastructure development initiative.

Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment

Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII) is a G7-led global infrastructure initiative based on values, high standards, and transparency.

Three Seas Initiative

Cooperation platform of 12 EU Member states, spanning the Baltic, Adriatic and Black Seas.

The concept of Trusted Connectivity fits perfectly the EU’s global connectivity and trade agenda.  We should make this a part of the EU’s connectivity policy.

Kaja Kallas,
Prime Minister of Estonia

We must do more: be more strategic, be more streamlined, and better market and brand our offer—Trusted Connectivity. And most importantly, it should reflect our European vision of what a partnership should be: fair, balanced, and human-centered.

Charles Michel,
President of the European Council

I fully agree that as a strategic goal, as a vision, we should work on Trusted Connectivity and on EU–US interoperability.

Valdis Dombrovskis,
Executive Vice President of the European Commission

Whether it is the Blue Dot Network, which is an excellent certification system, or Build Back Better World—or the umbrella of Trusted Connectivity—the point is packaging and certifying investments pursuant to a certain set of standards related to our democratic values, human rights, labor standards, and climate.

Gina Raimondo,
Secretary of Commerce of the United States

As we seek to optimize, to strengthen the quality of the post-COVID recovery, Trusted Connectivity will be increasingly important.

Mathias Cormann,
Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

Trusted Connectivity can be an attractive alternative to those who use technology as a potent tool to stifle democracy and freedom.

Mateusz Morawiecki,
Prime Minister of Poland